Mental Health Services for Inmates at Bexar County Correctional Facility

Inmates at the Bexar County Adult Detention Center have access to 26 medical mental health services. The CHCS (Center for Health Services) has implemented a “restoration of competencies in prison” (JBCR) program with federal grant funding. This program provides individual and group sessions inside the prison, allowing more inmates to become competent enough to keep their cases going forward. Outpatient services are also available for those who have been declared incompetent to appear in court and have a mental health diagnosis.

The Mental Health Court program is another option for inmates, as it diverts them from prison to comprehensive behavioral health treatment. For more information on how to obtain a marriage license, contact the Bexar County Clerk's Office or visit their website. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office, the Bexar County Department of Mental Health, the University of Health and the Center for Health Services (CHCS) have come up with a plan to reduce delays in the jail. This plan will be voted on by county commissioners on Tuesday morning.

In response to the growing number of mentally ill inmates in county jails, Bexar County is taking a collaborative approach with the state. Non-violent offenders are typically sent to San Antonio State Hospital, while those facing violent crime charges are transferred to maximum security units on the Vernon North campus of North Texas State Hospital or at Rusk State Hospital. Meanwhile, those who have been declared incompetent to stand trial remain in county jails longer, often in individual cells for security reasons. The leaders of Bexar and Dallas counties have worked together in several political battles with the state, including the enforcement of masks and social norms regulated by the state.

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